33 New Harbor Road
Eaton Neck, NY 11768


Welcome to “Barnacle”  a picturesque 2.4 acres in the beautiful upscale waterfront community of Eatons Neck.  Originally built as the carriage house to the neighboring Harry E. Donnell mansion built in 1903 - a 33 room Tudor -  known as “The Hill”.   Historic records state The Hill property originally consisted of 200 acres.  The carriage house was built on the east lawn which extended down to Duck Island Harbor.  In 1927, the estate was subdivided and the Eaton Harbors Corporation (EHC) was created to maintain the private roads and beaches for the new owners in the subdivision.  Barnacle was purchased in 1931 by the aunt of the current owner.   At some point early on, the carriage house was converted into a summer residence, even boasting a clay tennis court.  Barnacle was a popular destination for city dwellers looking to vacation, relax and cool off in this growing beach community.  Since the carriage house - turned summer home - was built before the formation of the Town of Huntington Building Department, and the property remained within the family, there is no CO or letter in lieu for the structure.  While fascinating to see workmanship from 100 years ago, time and mother nature have taken their toll and much of the home is now in poor condition and being sold as is. 

The Eaton Harbors Corporation members enjoy a beautiful private, soft sandy beach, picnic area, playground, parking, mooring, and sluice!  Annual member fee is approximately $425 per year.

Eatons Neck is also home to the U.S. Coast Guard and has its own amazing volunteer Fire Department.  Residents enjoy a busy social calendar with many year round community events including  a fun filled 4th of July Parade!








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